Baby bumper

Baby bumper

Baby bumper a must have item for active baby

Soft but firm baby bumper is a must to ensure baby’s safety and create outstanding nursery design. Our bumpers are made to keep the baby safe as soon as he starts to role in the crib. It happens arround 5-7 month. The newborn suddenly starts moving along the crib at his sleep not even noticing what is happening. This way the baby tends to hit his head at the crib bars or gets little arms or legs stuck between them. This is really disturbing, especially when it happens at night, when every mother wnats her baby to sleep peacfully.

Baby bumper is also a beautiful addition to stylish nursery

Baby-bumperManufactured in pastel colors, cot bumper looks modern yet cozy and sweet. Is makes the crib look finished and stylish. Decorated with ribbons or ties to add some extra charm. These crib bumpers are available in different colors, they are filled with synthephon padding. The outer fabric is 100% cotton or linen fabric. The baby nursery crib bumpers are designed and decorated with ribbons to add the additional charm. In fact, crib bumpers are one of the things parents and mothers-to-be will definitely appreciate as a baby shower gift. 

Regular bumper or snake bumper

The best way to decide what type of bumper you need is to pay attention to your babies behavior. If the main problem is that he migrates the bed, then the best choice is long snake bumper. It is soft like a pillow, and will protebt the baby from hitting hed to the crib bars. However, if you baby likes to put arms or legs between bars, ar sits in the crib already - it is best to use regular bumper. This type of the baby bumper can be tight to the crib and is quite firm.

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