Wooden Play Gym

Wooden Play Gym

Wooden play gym is one of the best activities!

All parents want their baby to develop as fast and as smooth as possible and using wooden play gym is one of the ways. It is playful, easy to assemble, strongs and beautiful addition to your babies nursery. You can hand whatever toys you can find for the baby to reach - this way he can develope not only sensority, but aslo vision and movement. When baby lies under the play gym and hanging toys and all of this attracts his attention he tries to reach it - this way his back and front muscules are being trained and developed. Also, it is a great way to keep the baby busy when you need to have your arms free. This is an entertaining and wonderful piece to make your babies days more fun.

Want to add a stylish detail - choose wooden play gym!

Our handmade wooden play gym features an elegant and charming baby activity gym. The stylish wooden gym is designed keeping minimalistic and modern design elements in mind, in Nordic style. Keep your babies room stylish and practical at once. It is easy to assemble and to put it back to the storage. We do our best to make the item as strong and long lasting as possible. The play gym is handmade and coloured in a few desings - or you can choose natural, unpainted option. This is a great addition to a nordic nursery, as well as boho, or minimalistic nursery.

Great gift for any newborn

This wooden play gym is a wonderful option when you are searching for a baby shower gift, welcoming new baby, or even as a gift for the 1st birthday! It looks stunning, high quality and it definitely helps the baby to develope. So choose your colour and make a baby happy!

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