Crib skirt

Crib skirt

Crib skirt for a finished nursery aesthetics

Crib skirt  is a decorative element, which lies down under the mattress and covers its bottom. However it is not the only reason to have a skirt. It makes the crib or cot look complete and hides what is underneath. It looks like it is prolonging the baby bumper. The crib skirt continues the entire nursery style, it is like a finishing element. Crib or cot decorated with skirt looks light, cosy and like floating above the floor. You can choose a several styles for it - it can be straight just dropping down fabric, or you can have a deamy wavy desighn. Also we have a few options if you want it to be more detailed - where two fabrics are matched together - white bottom line enriches the main colour. Any option you choose, it will make you baby room more adorable and cute.

Crib skirt for any tipe po crib

These crib skirts are handmade in our workshop with care and knowladge same as all our products. We choose high quality fabrics and pay attention to the stitching. So it doesnt matter what option and design you choose, we make the product last long. First of all we can make it in any size you want - just check you crib size - length and width. We also can make the skirt for the round cribs if needed. If you have something original with different height and lenth - we can make it happen. Second of all - the materials we choose make it easy for you to use the skirt - you can wash it again and again, it will keep the colour and shape. 

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