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Natural Linen Cot Bumper - the way to protect your baby

Soft but firm natural linen cot bumper is one of the items to have in order to ensure the safety of your baby. We pay accurate attention to make the bumper perfectly fit your crib. This is important if you want the bumper to do its job. The bumper must be tight, staight and not loose. This way the baby is free to move along the crib and be safe. This si one of the most uncomfortable situations when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night because his arm or leg got stuck between the bars. With our handmade bumper this won't happen, or will happen less.

Natural Linen Cot Bumper made for modern and neutral nursery

These crib bumpers are available in different colors, and this one is made for the parents who apprechite natural and neutral colours, unisex design. It is made to fit any home interior, colour is light and soft. This way the bumper not only fits but enriches the nursery and gives it style and cosyness.

Handmade and high quality item

these bumpers are filled with soft paddings, and high quality 100% linen (flax) fabric. The baby nursery crib bumpers are designed and decorated with ties to add the additional charm. In fact, crib bumpers are one of the things parents and mothers-to-be will definitely appreciate as a baby shower gift. It's a perfect choice for those who prefer natural, organic materials. Apart from that, the materials are manufactured in such a way that they create unique and outstanding nursery designs.

- Height: 30 cm (11,8 Inches)

- Cot size: 69x132 cm (27x52 inches); 70x140 cm (27.5x55 inches); custom size;

- Covers Full(4 sides) or Half(2 sides, or half crib) perimeter of crib;

- 100 % linen fabric

- Filled with padding


If you need other sizes, please contact me!

You may wash in machine at 30˚C and dry in warm tumble


100% customers satisfaction.

***** Love- its exactly what I wanted thank you!!!

***** Item is of high quality and fits perfectly according to the measurements discussed. Highly recommended!


Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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