Cot mobile

Cot mobile

Cot mobile is a beautiful and original gift for a baby

Cot mobile can be a wonderful addition to your nursery. Every parent wants his baby calm and paceful. This is why crib mobiles are such a popular item to buy for a baby yourself or receive as a gift. These tiny decoratve elements meant to be a distraction for a newborn baby while he is falling asleep, or havng his diaper changed. It is known that newbors see objects only in near distance and only in time this evolves. So the objects that must attract the little one shuld be quite close to make an impact. This is why the cot mobile is such great choice. It is near, it is safe, and it is beautiful.

Cot mobile is easy to hang on the wooden mobile arm

Cot mobileWe also have thought about the practical part - where to hang the mobile for it to be safe, easy to reach and to fit into your interior. We offer you handmade woodem mobile arm which you can easily attach to the crib or cot. It is simple to install and does not require any special knowladge. We made this hanger in two colours - natural wood which is unpainted, and full white mobile hanger. So you can choose what fits best for you and in your baby room

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