Soft Plain Pink baby nest

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Cute and comfortable double sided nest for a newborn baby will secure it sleep. The nest is light and soft, easy to cary and fold. Baby nest is a cozy and comfortable lounger for newborn baby while crib is yet too big. It can be used in the the crib, parent's bed, sofa or wherever it's needed.

Colors: Pink and cacao

Fabrics: 100% cotton, padding

Basic dimensions:

Small: (fits up to 3-6 months, depends on the baby)

Total length 82 cm, width 46 cm.

Laying dimensions: length 60 cm, width 30 cm.

Big: (fits up to 6-12 months, depends on the baby)

Total length 96 cm, width 60 cm.

Laying dimensions: length 45 cm, width 75 cm.

This portable baby sleep nest will ensure safe and calm baby's sleep.

You can wash it in washing machine. No dryer.

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