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Linen Snake Baby Bumper - is the best choice for active baby

Soft oval crib bumper, also known as linen snake baby bumper is mostly used for active babies from 6-9 months and older. This kind of bumper helps to prevent the baby knocking his head to the solid sides and bats of the crib. At this age baby is already moving a lot, he can role, crawl and sit, but his balance is not that accurate. This is why the baby constantly gets bumps and accidentally hurts himself. The snake bumper is soft and thick as a long pillow, so it helps toprevent damages and protects baby even when he moves in his sleep.

Linen Snake Baby Bumper - beautiful addition to your baby nursery

These crib bumpers are available in different colors high quality linen fabric. Snake pillow is filled with pillow filling. All of the colours are soft, cozy and is in a balance with each other. So you can easily mix them together. All the collection is inpired by nature, this is why all the colours are quite neutral. It is easy to match them to your existig interiour as well as creat a new special nursery style.


- Size: diameter -11cm(4.3 inches) , length 240cm(94.5 Inches)

- 100 % linen fabric

- Filled with padding


If you need other sizes, please contact me!


You may wash in machine at 30˚C and dry in warm tumble.

Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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