Pink Bathrobe for Women

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Wonderful and soft bathrobe for any woman - for a mother, pregnant or mother to be. The design of the bathrobe is made in cimono style, it is perfect for almost any size and figure.


- Material: 100% Cotton muslin gauze

- Wash: Machine Wash & Warm Tumble Dry

Sizes for mothers:

- S-M size

- M-L size

Soft and cozy bathrobe that can be used at home, or at the beach. Stylish one colour bathrobe is not only comfortable but light to wear and easy to take care. High quality fabrics guarantee that yu will be able to use you favourite bathrobe for a long time. It is a great gift for a toddler in any occasion - birthday, Christmas, Valentines day and etc.

If you are interetsed in a SET for you and your baby check it out here.

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