Baby Sleeping Bag TEDDY

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Baby Sleeping Bag TEDDY

This soft sleeping bag keeps your baby warm, cozy, & safe during bedtime and awake. This Wearable blanket is made from a two-layer of 100% soft cotton MUSLIN and features a handy zipper that allows you to open and close the bag quickly and comfortably. Our sleeveless sleeping bag helps to reduce the risk of overheating.


It has a soothing, sleeping-inducing effect on newborns. Cuddly soft sleeping bags for babies are perfect for safe and sweet dreams.



  • Material: 100% Cotton MUSIN, and TEDDY
  • Size: Available in Two Sizes

0-6 Months: Length – 70 cm, Width – 32 cm

6-18 Months: Length – 90 cm, Width – 37 cm

  • Machine Washable: Yes

This sleeping bag heavenly soft and gentle on delicate skin. It provides your little one a safe, comfortable, and cozy environment to play, grow, and peaceful sleep.


Our baby sleeping bags make a perfect gift for a newborn baby, birthday, baby shower, and special occasions.


Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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