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Adorable monochrome Zodiac wall sticker, black stickers for Nordic nursery, stylish nursery wall decor stickers

Create unique and adorable nursery for your little one. What can be better then getting ready for a new baby arrival! Decorate the baby's nursery walls in any design you like using these wall stickers. They are easy to use, sticks well to almost any kind of wall, and are easy to remove if you would like create another style.

Shape: Zodiac sign of your choice(star constellation)


Aries 61x63 cm.

Taurus 62x76 cm.

Gemini 63x77 cm.

Cancer 51x80 cm.

Leo 67x72 cm.

Virgo 60x78 cm.

Libra 60x70 cm.

Sagittarius 59x79 cm.

Scorpio 44x84 cm.

Capricorn 64x66 cm.

Aquarius 62x70 cm.

Pisces 62x67 cm.

Color: Black

If you need anything custom - let me know.


100% customers satisfaction.

***** Love- its exactly what I wanted thank you!!!

***** Item is of high quality and fits perfectly according to the measurements discussed. Highly recommended!

Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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