Wooden Play Gym Black Stripes

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Wooden Play Gym Black Stripes fits any nursery

This Wooden Play Gym Black Stripes design is created to fit Nordic, neat baby rooms as well as colourful, full of everthting baby spaces. The stylish monochrome wooden gym is designed keeping minimalistic and modern design elements in mind. This way it can either blend in or be the cherry on the cake. In this design we expose a lot of open natural wood. But to make the baby gym fun we added black stripes and black ends. This is important because for a long time babies only see the world in monochrome colours and this is what they recognize best.

Handmade Wooden Play Gym Black Stripes is great for exercise and fun

We understand the importance of an authentic experience, which is why we are offering you this stunning handcrafted baby gym that will help your child develop their skills. We have crafted the wooden baby gym using safe and reliable materials. As we wish to offer your little one with a safe and reliable nursery. GYM stand is light but strong. It is safe to use because there are no unnecessary details. It is easy to put the stand together(it comes in a box disassembled) and also to readjust if you need to change hangers and etc.


- Material: birch wood

- Size: width 54 cm, height 50 cm

- Feature: The gym stand can be disassembled when needed

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Everything is crafted by HAND. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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