Mustard Unicorn Rattle Toy

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The tactile finish and soft rattle sound make it an ideal sensory toy for your baby. The cuddly toy unicorn made from high-quality cotton, is pleasantly soft on the baby skin, making it a great companion to love. The cute, sustainable, and soft rattle toy is ideal for a small nap, play, and on the go.


Fabrics: 72% cotton, 20 % polyester, 5% elastane with shiny thread, soft filling inside

Size: 6.7x8.6 inch (17x22cm)

This baby toy in Unicorn design with some silver shiny elements.

The Unicorne is made out of baby friendly materials, is a nice gift not only for baby but for a toddler as well. The toy goes as a rattle, has a bell inside its belly.

Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!
Sleep tight!

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