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Baby teething toys set for gym stand in mint colour


- Material: Wood, Silicone, & Cotton;

- Shape: Star or Cloud;

- Feature: Set of three;

A handcrafted hanging teething toy set that includes three beautiful hanging toys. These feature different geometric designs and shapes that are perfect for any modern nursery.

Our handmade hanging teething toys make for a practical and adorable gift that the parents and the baby will come to love. With an elegant wooden frame, and body these hanging teething toys can easily be hung in different areas of your child's nursery. So while they grow they can use them as regular hanging toys, and when they start to teeth; you can offer them these completely safe and reliable handcrafted wooden teething toys.

To ensure that we are offering your kids the best product that is safe, each item is thoroughly inspected and checked. Along with that, we use food grade silicone, wooden finishes, along with other materials. Allowing your child to fulfill their curiosity, and chew on a germ and edge-free toy.

You can choose the finishing of the middle teething toy - the star or the cloud.

If you are interested only in all set - gym stand, play mat and toys You can find it here

If you are interested only in the play mat You can find it here

If you are interested only in the gym frame You can find it here

Everything is crafted by HAND. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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