Baby Imaginative Padded Play Mat Sea Star Coral

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Soft and comfortable double sided baby padded activity play mat in a sea star shape. Beautiful decoration for a Nautical baby nursery or toddler room.

Material: 100% cotton on the inside; soft filling in the inside;
Size: 93 cm/36.6 inches

This play mat is designed to offer your child a free and open space where they can feel free, and enjoy some time in open space. Additionally, it helps boost independent playing, and sleeping during the day. So parents can easily concentrate on their work knowing their child is safe.

You may wash in machine at 30˚C and dry in warm tumble.
100% customers satisfaction.
***** Love- its exactly what I wanted thank you!!!
***** Item is of high quality and fits perfectly according to the measurements discussed. Highly recommended!
Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!
Sleep tight!

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