Crib bedding

Crib bedding

Crib bedding - one of the first purchases

When you find out that there is a baby on the way - crib bedding is one of the first things you have to prepare. Blanket, duvet covers, sheets and bumpers are the essentials that every family sooner or later has to aquire. So we made it our missinio to offer You the best there can be - high quality fabrics and handmade care. We carefully choose our fabrics and designs that the bedding you buy would be not only beautiful and cozy, but long lasting and durabe as well. With us you can be sure, that yu baby will be safe and sound surrounded buy our creations.

Nursery design mirrors the crib bedding

crib-beddingFor that catalogue-perfect nursery, you need the right baby crib bedding. It should be stylish and high-quality in every last detail. From sweet baby nests that keep baby safely in place when the crib is too big to gorgeous bumpers that add warmth and a personal touch to wooden cribs, you’ll find each of these is made from the best linen and cotton around. They create the perfect, comfortable atmosphere where baby can dream a million dreams of absolute bliss. You can find baby goods made of  linen and cotton fabrics, we use pastel and neutral colours. Most of our crib bedding is mad to be neutral gender in case you do not know boy or girl you are expecting. O maybe you simple do not want to identify colours by gender. Also it is easy to mach soft and pastel colous to the rest of the home interior and make the babies foom exceptional but in balance with everything else.

Personalize and create your own dream nursery

Everything is handmade bu us in our sudio, so we are flexible and can adjust products to your taste. We can change colours, sizes, or personalize by embroidering the babies name on the bedding or crib bumper. So please contact us, if you have an idea and are looking for the way to makeit come true.

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